anna rispoli

works on the boundary between artistic creation and civic space, developing prototypes for sharing material resources, intelligence and affect. Since twenty years her transdisciplinary projects, performances, urban installations have been created in Europe, the United States, the Middle East and Asia.

In recent years, she has been working on various forms of « recreated documentary » such as Your word in my mouth about intimacy, eroticism and politics, Close Encounters (Nestroy Award nomination) together with teenagers facing the social pressure, or A Certain Value (European network InSitu), confronting the assembly practices of four different communities.

Together with high school student collectives, Attrito – Paesaggio costituente developed an intergenerational school of self-management and brought together the public and different generations of activists around an anti-gentrification public action in a former military zone.

On the occasion of Einkommen. The unconditional speech Rispoli started an ongoing collaboration with Institute of Radical Imagination and Arts4UBI for a series of performative investigations on income, precarity and labor conditions. Personally committed to the theme of redistribution, Rispoli contributed to the birth of Common Wallet, a group of 10 people practising radical economic solidarity. She also collaborates with Common Income.

Untill 2018 she was part of the documentary makers collective ZimmerFrei. Since 2023, she has been a member of SPIN, a Brussels-based artists organisation.